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bp2004 reflectivity.jpg

BP2004 is a 2D computational model launched by BP (British Petroleum) in 2004. It presents a complex and realistic subsurface scenario for testing and validating various seismic imaging techniques. Through this benchmark, we confirmed the accuracy of our inversion-based Reverse Time Migration (RTM), and additionally demonstrated the benefits of deriving impedance directly from RTM


The SEAM model, launched in 2007 by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), features a highly detailed simulation of the subsurface. It incorporates various geological features and anomalies designed to replicate real-world complexities. The model spans 40 km in length, 35 km in width, and reaches a depth of 15 km, with TTI anisotropy incorporated. We utilized the SEAM model to test the efficiency and accuracy of our forward modeling and RTM in a real production-scale scenario.


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