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The SWRTM outputs both reflectivity and impedance simultaneously at no additional cost. However, as illustrated in Fig 1 and Fig 2, the impedance from the SWRTM can also be effectively converted into reflectivity. So which reflectivity has better quality?

Fig 1:  Impedance from SWRTM

Fig 2:  Reflectivity from Impedance

Figure 3 toggles between three images: one is directly from the RTM, another is converted from impedance, and the last one depicts true reflectivity. It is clear that the reflectivity converted from impedance is significantly superior to that from the RTM, which is closer to the true reflectivity. Consequently, we prefer to first migrate impedance and subsequently convert it to reflectivity


Fig 3:  reflectivity generated by RTM, reflectivity converted from impedance and the true reflectivity 

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